So Maaaaybe I don’t have all I need just yet…

I know this sounds silly, but the first thing I did after getting my little slice of heaven set up was go to the library.  I needed to know what sort of plants grew in this area so I could figure out how best to start up my garden…  I ended up spending the entire day there!  I kind of  lost track of time…

01-04-17_7-03-50 PM.png
Even the librarian taking a nap next to me didn’t really clue me in…
01-04-17_7-06-32 PM.png
When the hunger pangs started, and I looked around, I realized my mistake!
01-04-17_7-08-19 PM.png
I headed home and ate what seemed like the best chips I’d ever tasted before passing out.  I woke up the next day and realized another issue… no toilet!

01-04-17_7-10-33 PM.png

I barely made it back to the library in time to correct the situation…

01-04-17_7-14-42 PM.png
I decided the day was too beautiful to waste inside and took my book to the patio to continue my research.  Apparently, I started a trend!
01-04-17_7-15-25 PM.png
Even though no one was sitting outside yesterday, today it was bustling!
01-04-17_7-15-47 PM.png
Not only that, but they kept deciding to sit next to me! It was so weird!

After I had completed my notes on what I could pick where to start my garden with, I decided to take advantage of the facilities next door and snag a quick shower.  I was unprepared for how things went…

01-04-17_7-23-24 PM.png
First a gym trainer (I think his name was Geoff? I was kind of flustered) approached me before I could reach the stairs and started chatting me up, trying to convince me to sign up for “personal lessons”…
01-04-17_7-23-50 PM.png
And before I knew it, a guy named Don came up and tried to get in on the conversation! I was so unused to having so much attention on me, that practically fled upstairs when they started staring each other down (not to mention I was REALLY starting to get concerned with my potential BO factor with so many people around)…
01-04-17_7-25-58 PM.png
Much better! Now I’m ready to face anything!

I headed back out to start my hunt when the smell of grilled food assaulted me.  I was suddenly feeling the fact that I was living rather scarcely when it came to food…  I headed to the nearby picnic area, and found a teen aged boy sitting there with some hot dogs (tofu dogs? I’m not sure; I didn’t really care at the time).  When he invited me to sit and grab one, who was I to turn down such an invitation?

01-04-17_7-27-18 PM.png
“Hi, my name’s Malcolm.  I’m evil.  So… how do you like my food?”  I kid you not.  Creeped me out, and made me second guess eating it.  I’d already eaten like half a dog, though, so if it was poisoned, what more harm could the other half do?

Thankfully, his dad showed up about then and took him home.  I decided I’d procrastinated long enough; it was time to begin the hunt!


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