So it Begins…

Hi, I’m Minerva Stellaris.  I know, it’s a mouthful; feel free to call me Minnie.

So, I guess the beginning?  I grew up in a small town, and it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world; I was found on the steps of the local clinic one morning with that humdinger of a name pinned to my chest and an odd bracelet-type piece of metal with stones on it tucked in the basket with me.  Yes, this is all secondhand knowledge; I may be a genius, but I don’t remember my infancy!  Anyway,  I just about gave the nurse who found me a heart attack… I was probably the first aqua-skinned baby she’d ever seen.  Combine that with the purple spots and glowing marks on my chest, back, and arms, and, well…  Oh. I suppose I should provide pictures, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

01-01-17_10-38-28 PM.png01-01-17_10-40-08 PM.png

Yes, that’s the bracelet I mentioned on my right wrist.  I put it on as a whim when I was a teenager, and now I can’t get it off!  And before you ask, the hair color is natural, too.  Aren’t I the lucky one?

Where was I?  Right.  Found on the steps of the clinic, nurse freaked out, blah blah blah.  The nurse called the mayor, who called an emergency town meeting.  With my, ahem, “skin conditions”, as they referred to it, the whole town was abuzz.  They apparently debated for 3 hours about what to do with me.  Yay for xenophobia.  Finally, a widow who lived on the edge of town stepped forward and said she’d care for me, at least for the time being.  She had the means to support herself at home with her garden, and figured that as she got older, I could help her out.

The rest of my youth was spent as a bit of an outcast; rumors linger in a small town. Even the widow, Lucy, couldn’t stop all of them from reaching my ears.  The consensus by the time I was halfway through elementary school was rather interesting; Rachel, a local girl, had moved out of town about a year and a half before I was found, and hasn’t been heard from since.  She had the same violet eyes as I did, and several people swore they saw her features in my face.  Her parents refused to talk to me, and I was never able to get my hands on a picture to determine for myself if it was true…  Either way, it was decided that Rachel was abducted by aliens and impregnated with me (Others argue that she had a love affair with an alien, because “she’d always been a little off”).  Since she was young (barely out of her teens) and wanted to be a movie star, she covered up by sneaking back into town and leaving me there.  If that’s the truth, then thanks a lot, Mom.  Great idea to leave your literal alien offspring in your xenophobic hometown.

Other than being ostracized by most of the town (“What if it’s contagious?” Seriously.), my life wasn’t all that odd.  Lucy happened to have taught school when she was younger, so she made sure I didn’t want for education.  She also taught me everything she knew about gardening, instilling a love of the outdoors in me.  We used to go fishing in a pond off the back of her property; it was so peaceful.  Sadly, Lucy passed right around the 18th anniversary of me being found at the clinic.  She left me everything, but I simply couldn’t stay there any longer.

I pulled up roots and headed for greener pastures; while Willow Creek is by no means a bustling metropolis for me to get lost in, it’s definitely a decent suburbia and I think it will make for a great fresh start.

I found a gorgeous patch of land and spent most of my money on it; it’s not like I need a lot of things to live.  I’ve got a beautiful spot on the side of the lot picked out to start up a garden, and there’s a stream nearby for me to fish out of… rather reminiscent of my home with Lucy.  I wonder when it’ll get easier to not have her around anymore?  She’s the closest thing I ever had to family, even if she wasn’t affectionate (she treated me like I expect she treated her students)…

01-03-17_8-39-37 PM.png

01-03-17_8-39-45 PM.png


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