O Carrot, Where Art Thou?

I was so keen to get started that I didn’t even care that it was getting dark out!  I found my first plant surprisingly near the picnic area, and just kind of went from there…

01-04-17_7-43-41 PM.png
Strawberries, tasty!
01-04-17_7-45-07 PM.png
Well aren’t you pretty?
01-04-17_7-49-07 PM.png
Onions are useful…
01-04-17_7-49-15 PM.png
*Yawn* Maybe I should take a break…
01-04-17_7-48-43 PM.png
definitely should take a break…
01-04-17_7-52-36 PM.png
Who am I kidding? I need to plant all these seeds!
01-04-17_7-54-20 PM.png
Now just add water, and… done!
01-04-17_7-55-16 PM.png
Time for some well-earned sleep!  I don’t think I’ve ever slept so heavily before…

01-04-17_7-55-47 PM.png

Seriously? A welcome wagon?! I JUST got to sleep!

01-04-17_7-55-57 PM.png
Oh well, they can think I’m rude or whatever.  I don’t care….

The following days flew by as I scavenged until starving and disgustingly filthy to build up my little garden and collection…

01-04-17_8-01-29 PM.png
So pretty I kind of don’t want to touch it when I’m this filthy…
01-05-17_6-32-30 PM.png
I don’t want to water the flowers THIS way!
01-04-17_8-42-30 PM.png
My spare flowers were proving rather lucrative! I finally managed to get a toilet and sink so I could wash those dishes and not go waddling into the public loo anymore…


01-05-17_6-30-05 PM.png
I decided to take a day off from the back-breaking labor of gardening and go fishing… maybe get my pretties some yummy fertilizer!
01-05-17_6-34-06 PM.png
Who’s a cute little plant food? You are!
01-05-17_6-34-46 PM.png
What…. is….. that? Ew.

All this time alone maaaaaay have begun affecting me…

01-05-17_6-38-26 PM.png
I caught myself talking (and sometimes even singing) to my lovely fledgling garden…
01-05-17_6-38-33 PM.png
Minnie, Minnie, such a ninny, how does your garden grow? With rotted fish that go squish and my sanity down below…
01-05-17_7-15-12 PM.png
Even so, the work was really paying off!  I could see the plants becoming stronger, healthier, more fertile!

The next day, I decided I needed to take a little road trip to find some more…exotic species in other areas.

01-05-17_7-22-38 PM.png
I visited a community garden in Oasis Springs (surprisingly lovely for a desert), but nothing was ripe yet…
01-05-17_7-25-58 PM.png
So I decided to fish in the crystal blue stream nearby, instead!

01-05-17_7-55-23 PM.png

I wandered about the area, trying to find something, anything that was growing.  I made it to a lovely green area around a small lake before I found myself so utterly worn out, I had to take a nap before I could even begin the journey home!

01-05-17_8-11-14 PM.png
The next day, as I sat on my bed eating cereal and drinking orange juice for what felt like the 50th time, I realized I was lonely.  It was an odd feeling, but not too surprising.  I still missed Lucy, and the strange people in town who were so friendly the few times I’d met them only made it worse…

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