My Minnie

Okay, it’s my turn, just for a bit.  I feel like everyone could use a fresh perspective on all of this; after all, Minnie sees the world through violet-and-aqua tinted lenses…

Let’s back up a bit and give a bit of a refresher…

I saw Minnie sitting on that bench in the museum, and I just felt drawn to her.  It wasn’t just because of how she stood out in a crowd (and I don’t just mean due to her coloring; that body! Yowza!), it was more.  I have trouble explaining it… I’m not the brains of the operation, here.  I’m the muscle, and the social butterfly.  I’ll be the one to help our kids find their own wings to fly out into the world on.  Yeah.  I want kids.  Wanna help me convince Minnie?

Anyway, a bit off-track there.

01-05-17_8-20-41 PM.png
I met Minnie at the museum.  I don’t even know why I decided to go that day; they aren’t my thing.  But I’m glad for it!
01-05-17_8-36-58 PM.png
I invited her to the park and got to know her better, finding myself falling fast with each thing I discovered.  She wasn’t just stunningly gorgeous, but smart, witty and amazingly upbeat.  It felt like a caffeine high just being around her!
01-05-17_8-39-58 PM.png
When she hugged me, I couldn’t believe how affectionate and warm she was… wait, who is that girl just staring at us?  Where did she come from?  Weird, I don’t remember her at all…
01-05-17_8-40-22 PM.png
This was the moment I knew… but I also knew I needed to be careful.  She had told me some about her past, so I knew she was skittish of others… too many people had hurt her.  I wouldn’t hurt her, or let anyone else hurt her, ever again.
01-05-17_8-45-23 PM.png
*Ahem* Yeah.  Moving on…. not that this was something to gloss over or anything, of course not!  But let’s just… yeah…  You can’t see her, but Mrs. Lewis is standing on their balcony with binoculars.  Pervy old bird.

At this point, things started to settle into a bit of a routine.  It was a wonderful routine, don’t get me wrong; every second with Minnie is amazing.  But still,  I’d get up, go to the library to work on research for work, Minnie would garden a bit (some days she’d make a trip to Oasis Springs and fish while hoping for a plant nearby to bloom), then I’d head to work.  Get home, spend a little time catching up over dinner, then off to dessert (thankfully, Mrs. Lewis didn’t know about night-vision goggles)…

That is, until today.  You see, there’s a reason I’m sneaking in this update for Minnie… Tonight, after work, I’m going to pop the question.  She has no clue; she knows we’re going on a date in the park after I get out of work (and I kind of fibbed and said we’d be going out to dinner afterwards; I figured she’d want to make sure and be dressed up, and that’s important), but that’s it…


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