My Minnie, Part II

So, where were we? Right, date after work in the park…

Minnie showed up, looking AMAZING.  I mean, wow!  I don’t even know where she kept this dress, but I’m glad she did!

01-07-17_1-52-39 PM.png
I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous… I don’t know how she couldn’t tell!
01-07-17_1-52-49 PM.png
I couldn’t resist drawing it out… this night was make or break time!  Part of me wanted to stay suspended in the bliss of ignorance…
01-07-17_1-53-08 PM.png
She’s starting to wonder what I’m up to at this point… I guess I laid it on too thick.  Smooth move, Ash! *facepalm*
01-07-17_1-53-40 PM.png
I still managed to surprise her! Yes!  I’m the man with the plan…
01-07-17_1-54-14 PM.png
I’ll take that as a yes… Not that I’m complaining.  Got to love her enthusiasm!

Then came part two of the surprise…  I wasn’t giving her a chance to get cold feet!  Mrs. Lewis owed me a favor after all that spying, so I had her meet Minnie in the ladies’ room when she went to “freshen up” (silly women; her eyeliner hadn’t moved a bit, but she felt the need to go check!).

I waited nervously outside for her to return… how long does it take to switch dresses, for cripe’s sake?! It was all worth it, however…

01-07-17_1-55-25 PM.png
The dress was a perfect fit… Minnie couldn’t have looked more beautiful to me than in this moment.
01-07-17_1-55-35 PM.png
We exchanged vows…
01-07-17_1-55-50 PM.png
And then stared at each other awkwardly; the private ceremony thing is kind of hard to figure out when it’s all new…
01-07-17_1-56-37 PM.png
I may now kiss the bride…
01-07-17_2-02-26 PM.png
And then we returned to our home, man and wife, for the first time…

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