Introduction to the Legacy

**UPDATE** I had to restart my legacy when my hard drive went kaput and I lost everything /cry.  I am restarting it, and slowly going to rebuild it all starting from scratch, which means some decisions may change.

This is a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge.  Minerva Stellaris is my founder Sim; she is a Loner Bookworm who Loves the Outdoors, and her starting Aspiration is to be a Freelance Botanist.

After this post, everything will be done journal-style from her perspective (moving on the the heir of each generation once they are chosen).

For my Succession Laws, I have chosen Matriarchy, Traditional, Exemplar (Bookworm or Loves the Outdoors), and Tolerant.  Since this is my first time blogging my legacy, I’m doing it strictly by the book (no matter how rough it gets, which is pretty rough for a bit).  Due to that, I didn’t want my succession laws to kill off my playthrough before it had really began.  Also, I’m going to **try** to make it also a rule that the Sim has to have the teal skin tone.








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